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Client Testimonial: NASDAQ

Jan 22, 2021

Interview with Alexander Free, Product & Strategy Development, European Data Products, NASDAQ.

How did you hear about Inrate? What convinced you to choose Inrate?
Inrate often came up in conversations as a leading climate and ESG insights and data provider and following research we saw great value in the data used by the business.

In which services were you initially interested and has this evolved along the process as you got more familiar with our offering?
We did very initially consider all Inrate data, including the ESG impact ratings but then our focus shifted towards the more quantitative metrics, notably the carbon emissions data, scope 1 to scope 3. This has been popular with a number of clients that requested more information, and we are excited to be able to support this content to help investors effectively compare greenhouse gas emissions across companies and ultimately make more informed decisions.

Can you highlight how Inrate has helped you?
Inrate has helped us to understand the importance of this topic, and their expertise in modelling different ESG risks adds further value to our clients.

What did you appreciate the most in working with us?
Inrate’s consistent support, whether it was from getting the data and documentation ready to providing deep insight into the methodology behind the different products has been hugely appreciated, as have been the positive and informative conversations.

Financial market infrastructure provider SIX announced today the launch of a new climate data offering, aimed at supporting investors in reporting and monitoring of climate factors, and in climate-related investment and risk decision making.

The climate data sets, from various data providers in a range of industries, will provide clients with modelled and reported emissions data, covering over 33,000 companies globally, and bringing together multiple data sets on regulatory, historical and forward-looking climate impacts from providers including MSCI and Inrate. SIX also announced that it has recently entered into an agreement with environmental disclosure platform CDP to offer access to its global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Dataset across various industries.

According to SIX, the new data sets come as investors increasingly require ESG and climate data to monitor investment decisions and to meet growing regulatory disclosure requirements, including the EU’s SFDR and the U.S.’ upcoming SEC Climate Disclosure Rules.

Martina Macpherson, Head ESG Product Strategy and Management, Financial Information, SIX, said:

“Understanding, measuring and managing climate risk and opportunities, as well as the impact that these can have on investment decisions, is a critical area of focus for market participants and policy makers alike. As more climate risk monitoring and reporting is required globally, the cost of compliance is increasing – both in operations and in terms of specialist ESG resources. SIX works with established providers of basic and specific ESG and climate data in the market.”