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Discover comparable and science-based impact ratings that align with evolving sustainability goals. Based on extensive research, our ESG ratings provide insights into the ecological and social impact and governance policies and practices of investments across asset classes.

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Discovering Impact Through Our ESG Ratings

Inrate’s ESG ratings stand out with its unique methodology that includes a unique business activity assessment model, granular assessments using disclosures, and a detailed impact-oriented controversy analysis.

Overall Impact Rating of a Company




High positive impact on environment and society

High positive impact on environment and society




Positive impact on environment and society

Positive impact on environment and society




Discovering Impact Through Our ESG Ratings - Negative impact on environment and society

Negative impact on environment and society




High negative impact on environment and society

High negative impact on environment and society

Absolute and comparable ratings using a letter scale

Features of ESG Impact Ratings

Discover ratings in line with evolving regulatory expectations

Inrate’s ratings incorporated impact materiality before the EU’s double materiality made its wave in the market. Our ratings are focused on assessing real impact and thereby align with the expectations of regulations such as the EU Taxonomy, CSRD, SFDR, and EU Green Bonds Standards.

Reduce Susceptibility to Greenwashing

Inrate's methodology delves deeper than sustainability disclosures. We combine a data-driven analysis of their real-world impact along with a rigorous assessment of a company's sustainability policies and procedures, empowering investors to avoid securities engaged in greenwashing.

Uncover the real impact of your portfolio

Inrate’s ratings are based on uncovering real impact, unbiased by corporate disclosures. With its multidimensional assessment model relying on alternative data sources and proprietary assessment models, Inrate uncovers impact dimensions that are otherwise hidden in your portfolio.

Our Offerings

Public Companies

A growing coverage of 10,000+ public companies representing over 99% of listed market capitalization ensures comprehensive portfolio alignment. Overall ratings and composites enable granular insights.

Private Companies

Inrate’s methodology adapts seamlessly to private assets. By focusing on the sustainability impact of a company’s business activities more than their ESG disclosures, we ensure our assessments are effective for early, growth stage and mature companies.

Sovereigns and Sub-Sovereigns

Coverage of sovereigns and sub-sovereigns supports investors to evaluate sustainability performance beyond corporate-issued securities. Investors can evaluate sovereign securities based on topics such as press freedom, UN sanctions, EU Embargos, etc.

See What You Can Accomplish With ESG Impact Ratings

Inrate ESG Impact Rating Chart

To uncover the hidden sustainability impacts of companies in your portfolio, reach out to our team of analysts and experts.

Why Inrate

Impact Lens

Inrate has balanced financial materiality with impact well before 'double materiality' gained prominance in European Capital Markets. The impact of a company's business activities has stood at the core of Inrate's assessments, overcoming the biases created by disclosures.

Flexible Data Models

Inrate’s research can be customized to develop comprehensive datasets based on the client’s investment objectives and evolving regulatory requirements. This unmatched customization utilizes meticulous research on the impact of business activities, corporate sustainability disclosures, and ESG controversies.

Dedicated Client Support

Inrate operates as a ‘glass box’ with an unparalleled commitment to transparency and communication. We deliver unequivocal support from our long-standing team of research analysts, providing insights from our extensive research and subject matter expertise.

Regulatory Alignments

Inrate’s datalake evolves in tandem with new regulatory frameworks, consistently empowering clients to uncover their portfolio’s regulatory conformity. Our datasets promise relevance and materiality with the evolving sustainability market.