Inrate At A Glance

Inrate was founded on the belief that investors needed a clearer picture of a company’s true impact. We conceptualized ‘Impact Ratings’ to address the gap between what companies reported and the actual environmental and social consequences of their business activities.

We became pioneers in the field by introducing the first impact ratings that incorporated a science-based analysis of sustainability impact. Conceptualized by our founder, Christoph Müller, the ideology of “real not just reported impact” became the foundation of all our data offerings.

Investor-Centric Solutions Informed by Stakeholders

All our products have been developed by combining the deep understanding of institutional investor needs from NEST with the unparalleled sustainability expertise of INFRAS. This powerful synergy ensures our offerings are perfectly tailored to address the challenges and opportunities facing today’s sustainable investors.

Transparent and Honest Data

Since our founding, we have been committed to providing institutional investors with un-biased sustainability data and insights. We do not consult or provide services to companies, ensuring our data is free from any potential biases and is delivered at the highest quality.

Double Materiality Focus

We were ahead of the curve on double materiality, encompassing impact considerations that align perfectly with regulations like the EU’s CSRD and EU Taxonomy.

Research That Uncovers Real Impact

Our research and ratings extend beyond reported data, incorporating the sustainability impact of business activities and ESG controversies for a complete picture of a company’s sustainability performance.

Founded by Christoph Müller, the guiding light behind Inrate’s products is a deep desire to make sustainability impact visible to investors. A sustainability academic and investments specialist, Muller crafted Impact Ratings that fills the delta between what companies report and the actual environmental and social consequences of their business activities.

Today, our comprehensive data solutions and forward-thinking approach continue to empower institutional investors to make ‘impactful’ decisions.

Meet Our Team

What unites the Inrate team? A shared passion for forging a sustainable future, beginning today. Our diverse team brings a wealth of expertise spanning economics, banking, environmental sciences, geography, biology, data sciences, law, and more.

Christoph Müller

Founder and Director

Carolina Pérez

Head of ESG Analysis

Mónica Goddard

Head of Quality Assurance

Daniel Djordjevic

Head of Technology and Data

Dr. Moritz Reisser

Co-Head of Research

Judith Reutimann

Co-Head of Research

Pallavi Singh

Head of Products

Ahmed Hakki

Head of Sales

Jasmin Gehrig

Head of Client Relations

Tilman Jundt

Head of Engagement

David Mondl

Head of Proxy Voting

Alexandra Finkestein-Feller

Senior Sustainability Business Development Manager 

Atulya Vajapeyam

Senior Business Development Manager

Prof. Dr. Philipp Aerni

Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Change

Prof. Dr. Philipp Krueger

Responsible Finance

Prof. Dr. David Bresch

Weather and Climate Risks

Ulla Enne

Sustainable Investing

Prof. Thomas Fischer

Leadership Psychology

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lengwiler

Corporate Governance Practice

Prof. Dr. Markus Schmid

Empirical Corporate Finance

Dr. Fiona Stappmanns

System Transformation

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