SDG Impact Data

Gain insight into whether a company contributes negatively or positively to each United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG). Inrate’s assessment of SDG contribution surpasses the industry standard with a greater focus on the impact that arises from a company’s business activities than on sustainability disclosures found in corporate reports.

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Inrate’s SDG Impact Assessment is based on Multidimensional Impact Research that goes Beyond Corporate Disclosures.

SDG Contribution of Business Activities (67%)

Assessment of the positive or negative contribution of a company’s business activities to each UNSDG

Company ESG Impact (33%)

  • Impact of a company’s business activities on the environment and society
  • Insights from corporate sustainability disclosures
  • Assessment of real-time ESG controversies

Assessment of positive or negative contribution to all 17 UNSDGs

Chart of 17 Icons Representing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Harness Inrate’s Impact Specialty with SDG Impact Scores

Why Inrate

Impact Lens

Inrate has balanced financial materiality with impact well before 'double materiality' gained prominance in European Capital Markets. The impact of a company's business activities has stood at the core of Inrate's assessments, overcoming the biases created by disclosures.

Flexible Data Models

Inrate’s research can be customized to develop comprehensive datasets based on the client’s investment objectives and evolving regulatory requirements. This unmatched customization utilizes meticulous research on the impact of business activities, corporate sustainability disclosures, and ESG controversies.

Dedicated Client Support

Inrate operates as a ‘glass box’ with an unparalleled commitment to transparency and communication. We deliver unequivocal support from our long-standing team of research analysts, providing insights from our extensive research and subject matter expertise.

Regulatory Alignments

Inrate’s datalake evolves in tandem with new regulatory frameworks, consistently empowering clients to uncover their portfolio’s regulatory conformity. Our datasets promise relevance and materiality with the evolving sustainability market.