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Nasdaq launches New ESG Data Hub Alongside Industry Leaders

Jun 29, 2021

Nasdaq has recently announced its ESG Data Hub launch, which is set to connect its investors with Environmental, Social and Governance data sets from leading expert providers. This latest effort in expanding Nasdaq’s ever-growing suite of products aims to support its investors when it comes to making sustainable choices for their investments, with ESG data sets covering a vast array of areas from climate risk and carbon emission through to gender diversity. In addition, these data sets will provide comprehensive intelligence regarding companies’ ESG profiles.

When investors utilise the new ESG Data Hub, they will be provided with both consolidated and seamless access to data, all via one single interface. In an effort to support global comparability and transparency, all of the information available within the platform will be linked to the Sustainable Development Goals which the United Nations strategy has dictated. In addition, in order to optimise the quality of the data, Nasdaq has made a conscious decision to work with industry leaders spanning a broad range of areas across the Environmental, Social and Governance scope.

The following partners are set to provide data through the all new ESG Data Hub: Ecogain will cover biodiversity, Equileap will provide data on gender equality, RepRisk for reputational risk, Inrate for carbon emissions, Munich Re will analyse climate risk, and Upright Project for net impact, while Clean Tech will provide data on renewable technology.