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BME launches IBEX ESG Index Family with Inrate’s Data

Jun 29, 2023

This morning, BME announced the launch of the IBEX ESG index family, which is a crucial step in promoting investments with a sustainable approach. Inrate is honored to collaborate with BME and provide the ESG data on which this index family is built. With this new launch, BME is expanding its range of ESG indices.

Marion Leslie, Head Financial Information at SIX, member of the SIX Executive Board and of the Board of Directors of BME, emphasizes that “this new family of indices encourages sustainability efforts of issuers and increases transparency for investors who want to invest in companies that have a well-founded sustainability profile”.

Any IBEX 35 or IBEX Medium Cap company with an ESG rating equal or higher than C+ (rated by Inrate) is eligible for inclusion. In addition, companies must comply with the UNGC Principles and certain exclusion criteria for business activities. A total of 47 listed companies are included in these benchmarks, the composition of which will be updated annually based on Inrate’s data.

Inrate is happy to collaborate with BME: “We take pride in our role within the important process of ESG indices construction, and our collaborative efforts have proven to be productive and of high value.”

We are looking forward to working together and building the IBEX ESG index family in order to further support sustainable finance decisions.