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Navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable investing with confidence. Inrate empowers institutional investors with industry-leading ESG compliance solutions specifically designed to address the complexities of EU Taxonomy and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

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Sustainable Investments and ESG Compliance

Impact within sustainable investing is gaining momentum, but navigating the associated regulations can be complex. Inrate’s core research goes beyond reported data to uncover the sustainability impact of business activities, aligning seamlessly with the regulators’ expectations.

Features of Compliance Data

Streamline Compliance Processes

Inrate's solutions simplify the compliance journey, allowing you to focus on making informed investment decisions that prioritize both financial and sustainability performance.

Identify Sustainable Investment Opportunities

Leverage our data to pinpoint companies well positioned to help you meet your sustainable investing goals.

Build Trust with Sustainability-conscious Investors

Inrate's data empowers you to demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainable investing principles, fostering trust with investors who prioritize ESG considerations.

Inrate’s Sustainability and ESG Compliance Solutions

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EU Taxonomy Data

Inrate's in-depth analysis goes beyond reported data to pinpoint companies aligned with the EU Taxonomy's Climate Change Mitigation objectives. Make confident investment choices that prioritize both financial success and a sustainable future.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) Data

Overcome the limitations of scarce PAI data. Inrate unlocks comprehensive insights into issuers' involvement across 47 PAI indicators – 14 Mandatory & 33 Voluntary. Leverage our sustainability impact assessments on over 10,000 issuers to streamline your SFDR reporting and make informed investment decisions.

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Why Inrate

Impact Lens

Inrate has balanced financial materiality with impact well before 'double materiality' gained prominance in European Capital Markets. The impact of a company's business activities has stood at the core of Inrate's assessments, overcoming the biases created by disclosures.

Flexible Data Models

Inrate’s research can be customized to develop comprehensive datasets based on the client’s investment objectives and evolving regulatory requirements. This unmatched customization utilizes meticulous research on the impact of business activities, corporate sustainability disclosures, and ESG controversies.

Dedicated Client Support

Inrate operates as a ‘glass box’ with an unparalleled commitment to transparency and communication. We deliver unequivocal support from our long-standing team of research analysts, providing insights from our extensive research and subject matter expertise.

Regulatory Alignments

Inrate’s datalake evolves in tandem with new regulatory frameworks, consistently empowering clients to uncover their portfolio’s regulatory conformity. Our datasets promise relevance and materiality with the evolving sustainability market.