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ESG Screening Solutions

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Identify portfolio exposure to violations of international norms and your specific sustainability values using Inrate’s ESG screening solutions. Screen companies based on their involvement in adverse products, controversies, and UN Global Compact (UNGC) violations using flexible criteria and thresholds.

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Empowering Sustainable Investments Through ESG Screening

Tailor your portfolio to reflect your unique sustainability priorities. Gain rapid insights through our framework covering 38 controversy types, 60 adverse products, and UNGC screening for over 10,000 companies. Invest with confidence, knowing your portfolio reflects your values.

Features of ESG Screening Solutions

Real-time ESG controversies

assessed bi-weekly based on real-world impact

Customizable screening criteria

and exclusion thresholds to match investor values

Multidimensional ESG screening approach

including assessment of involvement in adverse products, ESG controversies, and any violations of the UNGC global screening standard

Unique impact perspective

used for ESG controversy screening using parameters such as degree of involvement, depth & scale of impact, and durability of consequences

Our Offerings

Controversy Screening

Uncover companies’ involvement in controversies pertaining to negative external impacts that create reputational, regulatory, and financial risks. Our in-depth analysis considers the cause, depth, scale, and level of company involvement in controversies to provide a clear picture of potential risks.

A look into our controversy indicators

  • Controversies over money laundering
  • Controversies over content and privacy of data
  • Controversies over employment conditions among contractors
  • Controversies over anti-competitive practices
  • Controversies over health impact of products and services
  • And More...

Adverse Product Screening

Identify companies with revenue streams linked to products or activities that do not align with the sustainability values of your fund or portfolio. Inrate’s breakdown of companies’ revenues allows differentiation within a product segment for a granular analysis.

Ex: Setting exclusion criteria for company involvement in defense as an adverse product


in non-lethal defense


in lethal defense equipment


in retail of arms & defense equipment


in defense services

UNGC Screening

Assess a company's alignment with the principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. We utilize client-specific thresholds and insights on controversial weapons involvement, ESG controversies, linkage to adverse products, and environmental and labor grades to deliver a customized and comprehensive evaluation of a company's UNGC adherence.

360° Approach to Assessing UNGC Alignment


Product Screening

Labour & Environmental Grades

Controversial Weapons Involvement

Why Inrate

Impact Lens

Inrate has balanced financial materiality with impact well before 'double materiality' gained prominance in European Capital Markets. The impact of a company's business activities has stood at the core of Inrate's assessments, overcoming the biases created by disclosures.

Flexible Data Models

Inrate’s research can be customized to develop comprehensive datasets based on the client’s investment objectives and evolving regulatory requirements. This unmatched customization utilizes meticulous research on the impact of business activities, corporate sustainability disclosures, and ESG controversies.

Dedicated Client Support

Inrate operates as a ‘glass box’ with an unparalleled commitment to transparency and communication. We deliver unequivocal support from our long-standing team of research analysts, providing insights from our extensive research and subject matter expertise.

Regulatory Alignments

Inrate’s datalake evolves in tandem with new regulatory frameworks, consistently empowering clients to uncover their portfolio’s regulatory conformity. Our datasets promise relevance and materiality with the evolving sustainability market.