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Impact Rating Webinar with Dr. Moritz Reisser

Jul 11, 2023

With definitions of sustainable investments becoming more and more stringent, asset managers striving for such sustainable investments are in need for meaningful and useful data. Therefore, we have decided to host a webinar to shed more light on such issues.

In this ESG Impact Rating webinar, we presented Inrate’s innovative and science-based rating methodology, assessing the impact of invested companies on sustainable development. This rating methodology is very different to the well-known ESG risk ratings that currently dominate the ESG space, which are not in direct correlation with sustainability. The input was supplemented by a practical use case, showcasing the value of this rating to asset managers. There will also be time for a round of questions and discussion.

Topics covered included:

  • Inrate’s innovative and science-based rating methodology for assessing the impact of invested companies on sustainable development.
  • How the Inrates rating methodology differs from the traditional ESG risk ratings.
  • A practical use case (Raiffeisen) to demonstrate the value of Inrate’s rating methodology to asset managers.

About the Speaker

Dr. Moritz Reisser, Co-head of Research, is known for his competence, passion, and collaborative spirit. With a background in geoscience and earth system sciences, followed by a doctoral degree in soil science and biogeochemistry, he brings invaluable expertise to the team. Previously a senior consultant in forensics and risk advisory, he led the center for sustainability and impact, focusing on sustainability services. Dr. Reisser also holds a certificate in corporate responsibility and is currently involved in method and product developments at Inrate. Additionally, he serves as a scientific advisor and senior project leader at INFRAS, specializing in sustainable finance topics.

The Use Case of Raiffeisen Switzerland

Erol Bilecen, Head of the Competence Center for Sustainability Investments, delves into their experience, highlighting the impactful use case of our solutions, and shares how Raiffeisen Switzerland leverages Inrate’s products in their collaborative journey with us.

Listen to Dr. Moritz Reisser talking about Inrate’s ESG Impact Ratings here