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ESG Impact Ratings

Our ESG rating system evaluates various criteria, including carbon emissions, diversity and inclusion policies, and board diversity, to provide investors with valuable insights into the sustainability and social responsibility of these entities. Our ESG ratings are updated regularly and provide a reliable indicator of the long-term viability of a company or sovereign. We are committed to providing transparent, accurate, and actionable ESG ratings that help investors make informed decisions while also promoting sustainable business practices.


ESG Impact Rating for Public Companies

The ESG Ratings for companies evaluate the direct and indirect impacts of a company’s products and services throughout the value chain and life cycle. In addition, they include critical business practices.

ESG Impact Rating for Sovereigns

Inrate’s ESG Sovereign Rating serves to assess the sustainability of government bonds.


The ESG Best-in-Service approach is our most unique offering. It identifies companies that meet the requirements of society in a more sustainable manner than other companies meeting similar needs. 

ESG Data


Screenings allow to flag companies not aligned with norms, values or international conventions and major ESG risks

Climate Impact

An assessment of the climate impact is considered an important feature and a necessary starting point to understand climate-related risks and opportunities linked to a portfolio..

SDG Impact

By providing detailed information on a company’s or sovereign’s impact on the Sustainable Development Goals, investors can better understand the long-term viability and sustainability of their investments


By leveraging ESG data, businesses and investors can effectively manage their compliance obligations while also driving positive change in the world.

Active Ownership

Proxy Voting

Our proxy voting services support active owners in the exercise of their shareholder rights with transparent and comprehensible voting recommendations and detailed corporate governance research


By engaging with companies and promoting sustainable business practices, we believe that we can achieve both our financial objectives and our goal of creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Reporting & Consulting

Our reporting services provide a comprehensive and transparent view of your ESG investments, allowing you to make informed decisions and track your progress towards meeting your sustainability goals. Our team of experts provides in-depth analyses and insights, including a breakdown of your portfolio’s exposure to ESG factors and how it aligns with your investment objectives.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

We serve a variety of clients including asset managers, pension funds, stock exchanges, insurance companies, wealth managers, banks, foundations and NGOs.

Asset Managers

Pension Funds

Stock Exchanges

Insurance Companies

Foundations & NGOs


Wealth Managers

Our Coverage

Our ESG Impact Ratings and ESG data sets cover global equity and bond markets, from large to small caps, and from corporate issuers to sovereigns and supranationals. More than 10’000 issuers will be covered in 2023 and we are continuously expanding. The coverage includes all major issuers of the most used global benchmarks regarding listed equities and bonds, private companies, and real estate.

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