Our Method

Comprehensive Assessment Framework:
Inrate goes beyond CSR initiatives, analyzing the impact of products/services, overall management practices, and critical issues. Asset managers gain insights into the full spectrum of sustainability performance.

Semi-Quantitative Assessment:
Inrate blends qualitative factors with quantitative data like carbon emissions and social impact metrics. This balanced approach provides a nuanced understanding of sustainability performance.

Science-Based Approach:
Inrate incorporates scientific findings and guidelines, evaluating carbon emissions against thresholds and labor practices against international standards. It enhances the relevance of ESG Impact ratings.

Continual Refinement and Evolution:
Inrate’s methodology evolves to capture emerging ESG trends, ensuring accurate and timely assessments.

Alignment with Global Standards:
Inrate’s methodology integrates key principles from widely accepted frameworks like GRI reporting guidelines and TCFD recommendations. It allows asset managers to compare and benchmark ESG performance.

Inrate’s methodology empowers global asset managers with robust ESG assessments, facilitating informed and sustainable investment decisions