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Inrate Leaders Attend Corporate Governance Excellence 2024 Conference

June 27th, 2024


Inrate is pleased to announce that, Tilman Jundt and David Mondl attended the Corporate Governance Excellence 2024″ conference, organized by Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum on June 27, 2024 at The Dollar Grand, Zurich.

Founded in 1928, “Finanz und Wirtschaft” appeals to experienced private and professional investors who work in or with the global financial markets.

Currently in its fourth edition, the “Corporate Governance Excellence” conference focussed on how Swiss boards of directors are dealing with the current, rapidly changing scenarios and major challenges in many places.

Inrate has proudly provided data and ratings for the “FuW-Board of Directors-Ranking” for years. David took the stage and presented Inrate’s methodology behind the ranking.

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