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Inrate is an ESG specialist based in Switzerland.

For over 30 years, our researchers have refined and evolved our science -based methodology to make impact visible and provide investors with a better picture of sustainability.

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With our sustainability ratings, we measure the impact that companies have on society and the environment with their behavior and products and services. Our assessments also provide information on the willingness and ability of a company to effectively address the challenges it faces.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank

What did you appreciate the most in working with us?
We certainly appreciate your research. If you ask for keywords on cooperation, I would highlight the client- and result-oriented, as well as transparent and independent approach - simply sustainable.


Can you highlight how Inrate has helped you?
Inrate has helped us to understand the importance of this topic, and their expertise in modelling different ESG risks adds further value to our clients.

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Rating Model Change 2.5

Rating Model Change 2.5

The rating model was expanded and recalibrated in accordance with the methodological developments and new features. Firstly, numerous enhancements were made in the area of financial service providers and in addition, the set of indicators was broadened. Therefore, the...

A Proxy Voting Specialist’s View

A Proxy Voting Specialist’s View

Our Head of Proxy Voting, Marco Wapf, wrote an article for the Reporting Times. This article sheds light on the increasing need and desire for transparency of non-financial information. Marco Wapf presents his take on it and shows the advantages and disadvantages of...


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