Fund Managers

Demand for sustainable investments is clearly growing among all types of investment managers. Apart from concerns over the impact on the society and environment, they are also seeking outperformance and better understanding of risks from a sustainability perspective. In addition, many see the ability to offer SRI strategies as a way of increasing assets under management and gaining client loyalty.

Our solutions are suitable for institutional and retail fund managers, private wealth managers, pesion plans managing assets in-hous, and insurance companies. 

Key features

  • Is based on our long experience working with many different investment approaches
  • Available are buy recommendations or entire investable universes
  • Offers a useful addition to existing investment product range
  • Our expertise and innovation allow complex issues to be integrated relatively simply
  • Builds on partnership model allowing clients control over SRI capabilities
  • Helps build client loyalty

Representative client example

Using our highly selective sustainability solutions, a well-known retail investment manager has won the prestigious Lipper Fund Award for best performance over 5 years in Swiss equities for four consecutive years.