Who is Inrate

Inrate is an independent sustainability rating agency based in Switzerland. Since 1990, we have been linking our sound understanding of sustainability with innovative research solutions for the financial markets.

Our mission is to providing sustainability intelligence that allows capital markets to redirect investment flows toward a more sustainable economy.This makes Inrate an integral part of the financial market.

To do that Inrate analyzes and assesses the ecological and social responsiveness of companies, institutions and countries by investigating the way they integrate sustainability issues into their products and services, strategies and operations. We do this by using our proprietary frameworks and methodologies developed over the past 25 years.


Shareholders of Inrate AG 

Inrate is owned by the Foundation Pier-Luigi Giovannini, Infras AG, NEST pension fund, and by some employees and members of the board of directors. The disclosure of the shareholders is in line with self-regulation efforts of service providers in the field of sustainable investment and ESG research.

The independency is ensured through the avoidance of potential conflicts of interest. Inrate does neither engage in asset management mandates nor consults companies it rates.