Institutional Investors

Institutional investors, principally pension plans, have been one of the main groups driving the increased demand for sustainable investments. The trustees or board members are empowered to ensure that the assets are invested according to their stated sustainability criteria.

Inrate works in partnership with many such institutional investors, enabling them to monitor the work of fund managers and review the overall sustainability exposure across all mandates. We understand their desire to protect against reputational risk and our solutions allow them to engage directly with companies about unsustainable activities and actions.

Our solutions are suitable for private and public pension funds, fund consultants, and discretionary investment managers and advisors. 

Key features

  • Is based on our long experience working with many different investor approaches
  • Provides understanding of sustainability and climate change exposure of investments
  • Allows monitoring of fund managers sustainability performance
  • Offers information for direct engagement with companies over sustainability issues
  • Provides tools for implementing the UN Principles for Responsible Investment

Representative client example

Using our research, a large institutional investor received top marks from the UN PRI initiative for the implementation of its responsible investment principles.