Investment Solutions

Your needs

  • Diversification of the investment product 
  • Client retention, assets’ growth
  • Long-term returns
  • Implementation of minimum standards
  • Fiduciary duties

We Offer

Development of an investment universe (or exclusion stragegies) taking into account specific constraints and objectives.

The growth of SRI investments has stimulated demand for tailor-made products such as sustainable investment universes. We offer a full range of sustainable universes from traditional SRI issues in all the major global markets for topics such as climate change, mobility and water. These can be used as part of a “top-down” process whereby investors simply construct a portfolio using this service.

Amongst the different sustainability investment approaches, exclusion strategies are still very common. Our screening tool provides the necessary information for a exclusion filter, while reducing both reputational and ethical risk for the investor. Our controversial product screening includes, among others, tobacco, GMOs, weapons or nuclear energy. The controversial proctices screening includes human rights abuse, corruption and damage to the environment, among others. 

These research solutions are suitable for investors looking for a basic exclusion screening, traditional invesors seeking to enhance their products, and sophisticated investors who seek customised universes. 


  • Easy integration and customization
  • Modular screening of controversial products and practices
  • Helps to avoid reputational and ethical risk for the investor
  • Supported by company reports
  • Selection of companies, promoting positive Change towards a sustainable economy
  • Coverage of over 2600 equities across all major markets and over 300 bond issuers
  • Ongoing evaluation and adaptation of the methodology