Reporting Solutions

Your needs

  • Monitor of the investments
  • Comply with policies & standards
  • Transparency and communication
  • Fiduciary duties

We offer

The reporting solutions include the monitoring of stocks, investments funds, portfolios and assess the compliance with policies and standards.

Many investors want to monitor how their investments stand from a sustainability and climate change perspective. Portfolio managers need to know if there are risks involved; large pension plans require sustainable investment strategies, and private shareholders wish to be informed.

Our reporting solutions act as an entry point for investors into sustainable investment. This service can be tailored to suit individual needs.


  • Facilitates special topics, e.g. UN-PRI, UN Global Compact, human rights and environmental issues
  • Suitable Non-SRI fund managers
    • Shows sustainability awareness
  • SRI fund managers
    • Proves sustainability credentials versus competition
    • Shows adherence to mandate guidelines
  • Pension plans
    • Provides consolidated view of overall sustainability status of assets
    • Stimulates direct engagement with companies and asset managers
  • Private shareholders
    • Encourages SRI information and education