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Your needs

  • Take care of invested customer assets
  • Legal compliance and reporting 
  • Fiduciary duties

We offer

Under the zRating label Inrate offers a variety of shareholder services including voting advice and reporting services.

All responsible investors should have a shared interest in: combining stakeholder concerns in a balanced way aiming to improve the sustainability performance of companies they invest in, as well as and achieving superior long-term returns. Engagement is one way to bring investors together as they examine and challenge company actions and policies.

The zRating services allows long-term asset owners and investors to enter into a dialogue with their investee companies on environmental, social and governance issues of concern.


  • Focus on the SPI
  • Facilitate asset owner’s compliance with fiduciary duties
  • Easy and cost-effective solution enabling the implementation among sustainable or traditional investment strategies and investors’ policy instruments
  • Full-service for active investors: From voting recommendations and execution of voting rights to engagement and dialogue