Climate Change Assessments

Your Needs

  • Compliance with policies & standards 
  • Transparacny and communication
  • Identify opportunities of investment 

We offer

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges faced by governments, companies and investors in the 21st century. The current situation reveals a gap between investors’ needs and companies reporting practices: most companies either report inadequate or no information at all while investors are becoming increasingly aware that climate risk impacts on operational performance and therefore the value of investments.

Using a quantitative model - envIMPACT - that integrates extended input-output data and a product analysis, our climate change assessments enable investors to identify risks but also future opportunities.


  • Multiple use ranging from asset management overlay, broker research, low carbon indexes and portfolio footprint
  • Identifies potential opportunities of investment
  • Unique assessment covering the GHG emissions over the entire life cycle 
  • Proprietary quantitative methodology based on extended input-output data, Life Cycle Inventories and Life Cycle Assessments