Dr. Christophe Volonté, new Head Corporate Governance


With Christophe Volonté zRating was able to hire one of the most experienced corporate governance specialists in Switzerland. Mr. Volonté will join Inrate starting 2016 as head of zRating and corporate governance and will further strengthen our competences in this area with his in-depth knowledge and experience.

Mr Volonté studied Economy at the University of Basel. Since 2007 he specialized in corporate governance and wrote his doctoral thesis on “Corporate Governance in Switzerland”. He has extensive experience as a research assistant at the University of Basel and Constance, completed several international research assignments and especially published on the quality of the board of directors in international journals. Furthermore, he founded Basel Investor Advisors, a proxy voting consultancy. In his new function, he will transfer his existing clients to zRating, where he will continue to serve them.