Sound Understanding of Sustainability

Sustainability, and its implications for business and investors, is a complex issue and requires expertise in many different fields, ranging from environmental, social, legal, and ethical issues to business, economic, political and scientific trends. It is vital to grasp what these factors mean for business sectors and the associated risks and opportunities that exist for companies.

Many companies now produce information on how they address sustainability. However it is extremely important to distinguish between those that are being sincere by taking positive action and those that are simply paying lip-service. Transferring this information into a useful tool requires experience and expertise. That is why many investors come to Inrate for constructing and maintaining an SRI portfolios.

Key features

  • Over 25 years of experience monitoring sustainability trends and corporate practices
  • Privileged partnership with INFRAS, a leading sustainability research institute and policy consultancy
  • Analytical strengths:experienced team coming from wide range of backgrounds- economics, political and social sciences, natural scientist
  • Network of expert partners e.g. Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, for specific projects
  • Always looking to establish new partnerships and develop new approaches to ensure our sound understanding of sustainability