Research Process

We have developed and adapted our research approach for over 25 years. Our own internal work has been added to and improved upon through collaboration with our expert partners. Our ESG metrics are regularly reviewed for their accuracy and validity. 

We have integrated environmental, social and governance dimensions of sustainability into the research process. We focus on corporate policies, management actions as well as published facts and put particular weight on the design of processes and products & services. We recognize that sectors and companies have different risks and opportunities. So our research adopts a sector specific view while assessing whether a company can manage sustainability risks and take advantage of any SRI opportunities.

Key features

  • Sector specific views
  • Provide an up-to-date view of sustainability challenges and opportunities for global companies
  • No consulting activities for compnaies did a rating for
  • No investments in rated companies
  • Our clients expanded together with us
  • Projectpartner of the CSRR-Qualitystandard for sustainabilty research