Our quest for innovation stems from the fundamental question we continually ask ourselves: how can we best quantify and assess corporate sustainability practices and performance? The development of our company has traditionally been based on new thought processes and closely monitoring major sustainability trends. The spirit of innovation begins within our team and is embellished by our partner network.

Key innovations

  • Inrate Sustainability Assessment (ISA)
    • The ISA-Rating is a rating methodoloy that captures the acutual environmental and soical impacts of products and services.  
  • Country Rating
    • Inrate's country rating is builed on a two tier framework. In a first step it is assessed whether institutional guidelines and basic needs are fulfilled e.g. human rights, democracy, ensuring peace, etc. In a next step the efforts of a country for a sustainable development are assessed.   
  • Real Estate Assessments
    • Inrate developed a proprietary methodology to rate real estate properties according to their sustainability. The rating focusses on three areas: resource efficency, location quality and livability. 
  • Climate Change Assessment
    • Quantitative model for the calculation of CO2 emission intensity of companies for the assessment of climate change.