Management Board

Patrick Fankhauser
Head of Sales & Business Development

Since 2015, Patrick Fankhauser is responsible for the customer acquisition and business development at Inrate. He has in-depth experience in the management of sustainability services in the financial industry. For SUSI Partners, a sustainable asset manager, as co-founder he built up the energy efficiency division which finances projects to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of buildings and industrial facilities. Prior to that, he worked eight years at Credit Suisse in the service management and real estate sector and was amongst others responsible for the sustainability management of the group. Patrick Fankhauser has a Master in Economics from the University of Basel and started his career as strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting group.


Tobias Jung
Head of Research

Tobias Jung is Head of Research at Inrate. He has been working for Inrate within INFRAS since 2006 with a focus on sustainable assets and analysis of environmental and economic issues and since 2014 as an Associate Partner.  From 2005 to 2006, he was an analyst at Caregroup where he analysed the ecological and social sustainability of global sustainability funds for the “Global Sustainable Fund of Funds”. Prior to this, Tobias Jung was project coordinator for the strategic reorientation process of the Swiss foundation Pro Juventute. In 2000, he entered a trainee programme at Zurich Financial Services and worked there afterwards as a strategic assistant and controller for international corporate clients until 2003. Before that, he worked in the sustainability assessment department at SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) where he contributed to the revision of the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index and the sustainability ratings of global companies. Tobias Jung holds a Master's degree in environmental sciences from the ETH in Zurich with the focus on chemistry and energy and material flow analysis and life cycle assessment.


Lotte Knuckles 
Head of Operations

Lotte Knuckles joined Inrate in 2016 as Head of Operations. In her role, her focus is on supervising Inrate at an operational level, managing the sustainability research team and overseeing relationships with external research partners. In addition to these activities, she contributes to product and methodology development. Prior to joining Inrate, Lotte worked as a ESG research manager, overseeing the work of a team of analysts at Sustainalytics. With this background, she brings over seven years of sustainability and RI experience along with a strong passion for corporate social responsibility to the company. Lotte Knuckles holds a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences from University College Utrecht and a Master’s degree in political science from Leiden University.


Dr. Christophe Volonté
Head of Corporate Governance 

Christophe Volonté has been Head of Corporate Governance at Inrate since 2016 and is responsible for zRating. His know-how regarding corporate governance allows Inrate to strengthen its expertise in this field. He studied Business and Economics at the University of Basel where he also received his doctoral degree for the dissertation entitled "Corporate Governance in Switzerland". He is also a lecturer and researcher at the Universities of Basel and Konstanz. Christophe Volonté has completed several research visits abroad and has published in international journals. Before working at zRating, he founded the proxy advisor BIA. 


Beat Zaugg
Managing Partner

Beat Zaugg joined Inrate in January 2017 as Managing Partner, assuming the overall responsibility for Inrate Ltd. Within his role, he manages client relations and oversees the development of new products and services. Before joining Inrate, Beat Zaugg spent over 15 years operating as an investment consultant for pension funds and other institutional investors. Prior to this, he worked as an analyst in the field of sustainable investments for 8 years. His research focus and specialization is on real estate, banks and commodities. Beat Zaugg has a Master’s degree in Economics of the University of Bern and is a CFA® Charter holder.