2015 Successful aquisition and integration of zRating - an independent shareholder services provider - into Inrate AG
2014 Application of the Inrate methodology on real estate ratings
2012 Introduction of the new Inrate Sustainability Assessement – a rating methodology measuring the true impact of products and services 
2011 Inrate rates all countires world wide
2010 Mergering of Centre Info and INrate to Inrate AG
2009 Development of the first methodology to assess the sustainability of private equity investments
2009 Centre Info is the first provider of full research on EM companies
2006 INrate launches the first thematic research on fundamental sustainability trends – water, climate change, consumption, mobility, while the same year Centre Info was the first agency providing global coverage of emerging market companies
2005 Centre Info launches envIMPACT, the first methodology to assess the climate change impact of companies over the entire value chain of their activities
1998 INrate develops the Best in Service analysis approach that formally creates new incentives for the required structural change toward a sustainable way of doing business
1995 The Swiss pension fund NEST and the sustainability research institute INFRAS establish a foundation for sustainable investment research (subsequently named INrate)
1994 Centre Info pioneered the first methodology for corporate sustainability assessments based on the premises of the Brundtland Commission Report
1990 Centre Info start as think-tank of the Duchemin foundation whose aim is to foster sustainable development